Would you like to get paid for making energy efficiency improvements to your multifamily properties?

Sustainable Environments a leader in the Georgia Power Multifamily Home Energy Improvement Program, guiding energy improvement work that not only pays for itself but also results in better buildings and a net profit returned to property owners.

These rebates are a gift from Georgia Power. They end up giving you money, not costing anything. Get yours while it is still available.

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The EPIC OBT Program is a standardized and packaged energy efficiency program for utilities and cities that want to enable state-of-the-art energy efficiency improvements as a social service to their customers or communities.

The EPIC OBT program is designed so subsequent energy savings cover the monthly improvement payments. Utility customers end up paying the same monthly amounts than they would have if no improvements were made at all.

EPIC OBT is the result of years of lessons learned from participation in traditional PACE and OBF programs.

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Progressive communities across the country are beginning to experience a reversal of the 50+ year exodus of residents from small communities to urban centers.

From rebuilding local economies with businesses that keep money (and young people) in the community to designing towns that promote health, satisfaction and safety, Sustainable Environments helps communities develop progressive plans to serve the needs and desires of all community constituents.

Change is always happening; make sure it is the change you want.

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