Clean Energy Atlanta is a PACE financing program organized by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to fund energy efficiency and water savings improvements to commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings in downtown Atlanta. It is easy to qualify for and can stretch payment for improvements out over as many as 20 years. Clean Energy Atlanta is an outstanding opportunity for Atlanta property owners to pay for energy and water saving improvements that they would otherwise find difficult to afford.


As part of its Demand Side Management efforts, GEORGIA POWER is offering substantial rebates to homeowners to help pay for making the most cost-effective energy conservation improvements to their homes. Become safer and more comfortable, increase efficiency, cut costs, and have someone else pay as much as half the cost to do it. It all starts with a BPI audit, which GP will also pay as much as half the cost to perform. You can’t decide what to do until you know what you have.


Georgia Power provides significant rebates to property owners for upgrading the energy efficiency of multi family buildings. Properties can be upgraded individually as part of a turn-over improvement protocol or entire buildings can be upgraded at one time. Work can often be done by maintenance crews. Professional auditing, evaluation and modeling are subsidized by Georgia Power, as are selected improvements. Any multi-family building serviced by Georgia Power is eligible.