Would you like to get paid for making energy efficiency improvements to your multifamily properties? Sustainable Environments is a leader in designing energy improvement packages that not only pay for themselves but also result in a better building and a profit returned to you. We can provide case studies for properties similar to yours when you contact us with your property specifications.


On-bill financing makes it possible for property owners to realize the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to existing buildings without the burden of additional costs. The EPIC OBT program is designed so subsequent energy savings cover the monthly improvement payments. Property owners end up paying the same monthly amounts they would have if no improvements were made. Once improvement costs have been recovered, utility bills drop to reduced usage charges only. EPIC OBT is an on-bill finance program designed as a business model for cities and counties that want to provide a state-of-the-art energy efficiency program as a social service to their communities.


Progressive communities across the country are beginning to experience a reversal of the 50+ year exodus of residents from small communities to urban centers. From rebuilding local economies with businesses that keep money (and young people) in the community to designing towns that promote health, satisfaction and safety, Sustainable Environments can help a community develop a plan to serve the needs and desires of all its constituents. We can help manage change and growth so the community benefits, while at the same time preserving the special character and charm that is drawing people to the area.