About Us

Sustainable Environments is an auditing, analysis and consulting group servicing the current transition to a more efficient and sustainable world.

We provide energy-efficiency auditing, modeling and work scope development for existing residential, municipal, and commercial buildings. We are leaders in designing energy improvement strategies that take advantage of government and utility incentives while maximizing return-on-improvement investments. We have no contractor or product affiliations so, whether a strip mall or an apartment complex, we can show you measures that will yield the highest benefits for the least cost.

Sustainable Environments has designed an on-bill finance program called EPIC OBT. Unlike traditional OBF programs, EPIC OBT is directed at the logical and experienced providers of social services—city and county governments. On-bill financing of energy- and/or water-efficiency improvements is the future for these measures. We can show you how to make improvements at no real cost to anyone.

Sustainable Environments is also branching into small community revitalization. During the past 50+ years, an exodus of industries and residents devastated once thriving and self-sustaining communities. Today, a desire for healthier, safer and more satisfying lifestyles is reversing that trend and renewing interest in smaller communities. Technology, especially Internet access, has contributed to this change by making relocation more practical. We can help small communities design and develop programs that smooth the transition to a progressive, revitalized and sustainable community.


Christopher Born is the principal and lead auditor for Sustainable Environments. Christopher has 43 years in the construction industry, 13 of them in energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has performed more than 600 audits in buildings ranging from single-family residences to 12-story high-rises, and overseen auditing and improvement work on 4,000+ more. He also has been involved in community and small business development and improvement efforts.

Put Christopher’s experience, and the considerable experience of Sustainable Environments’ associates, to work for you.