Clean Energy Atlanta

Clean Energy Atlanta (CEA) is a financing program organized by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to fund energy efficiency improvements to commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings in downtown Atlanta. Single family and condominium improvements are not yet eligible for CEA financing. Buildings need to be located in the qualifying Tax Assessment District.


CEA funding is PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing, which means that the funds are lent to a building rather than the individuals that own it, and the debt becomes part of the future tax liability of the property until it is paid off. The owners of the building don’t owe the debt; the building does. If the building is sold before the loan is repaid, the remaining balance stays with the building as an amortized tax lien. Once the loan is paid off the taxes on the building revert back to standard assessments.


CEA is an outstanding opportunity for Atlanta property owners to pay for energy and water saving improvements that they might otherwise find difficult to afford. Never before has this much money been so easy to get.

Borrowing requirements are easy and simple: a property owner has to be current on tax and mortgage payments for 3 years and the building can have no bankruptcy within the last 3 years. Provided those conditions are met, owners can borrow up to 85% of their equity in a building with nothing down, at favorable interest rates, and with terms up to 20 years.


A Sustainable Environments designed improvement package is designed to create a net positive cash flow: where yearly savings exceed yearly costs. Not only will buildings be safer, less expensive to operate, and more comfortable, but it becomes cheaper to do this than not do it.

The reason for this is that investments in energy and water efficiency cost money, but save money too, more than they cost over time. The challenge is to find a combination of improvements that provide the maximum savings for the least investment. Our greatest asset is using our tools and experience to find this maximum benefit point.

You get a safer, more comfortable and more valuable building; a better building for less cost than you currently pay to own the current deficient one.


Many property owners are facing the prospect of needing to replace roofs, heating and air conditioning equipment, windows, sprinkler systems, and other energy and/or water consuming components of their buildings but are stressed to find the capital to make the improvements.

Although these improvements may not provide a net positive savings cash flow, a CEA PACE loan can sometimes be a source of funds to do these projects as well, especially if significantly increased efficiencies in other building components are included in the plan.

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