Georgia Power Multifamily Program

Georgia Power provides significant cash rebates to property owners to improve the electrical efficiency of multifamily apartments. This program is called the Multifamily Home Energy Improvement Program (MHEIP) and Sustainable Environments is an authorized contractor in this program.


Incentives are cash rebates based on the percentage of electrical reduction calculated by modeling software. We compare initial electrical consumption with projected consumption after improvements are made. Rebates of as much as $1,100 per apartment are based on a percentage of improvement. Rebates are paid immediately after improvements are verified.


In order for apartments to qualify for rebates they must be served by Georgia Power, and audited and modeled by a certified Georgia Power auditor. Gas savings do not qualify.

Apartments can be audited individually, in groups or as entire buildings. We can incorporate the rebate program into your monthly turnover process, generating a steady positive cash flow each month. Improvement work can often be done by staff maintenance crews.

Complete properties undergoing gut-rehabs can benefit even more from fuel switching incentives.

If you occasionally make upgrades such as new windows, HVAC equipment or new appliances, you may be already achieving savings that would entitle you to substantial rebates. Why not collect them for what you are already doing?

Because rebates are based on a percentage of improvement, it is critical that we perform an initial baseline test-in before anyone does anything else to the apartment, especially demolition. If renovation work already has begun on a unit, it is disqualified from program participation.


Sustainable Environments has had outstanding results in this program with both occupied and unoccupied properties.

Auditing generally costs about $200-$250 per unit, with $100 rebated back to the owner for each audit completed.

During the past three years we have processed 2,590 apartments in this program resulting in processed rebates of nearly a million dollars for audits and improvements.

The return on investment has averaged about one to three; each $1 spent on auditing and modeling has returned about $3 in rebates. In one property, it was almost one to 10.

Call us at 336-620-5555. Although apartments can be enrolled at any time, it is most profitable to have us walk your property with you during “due diligence” and evaluate some of the units you might want to enroll in the program. We can tell you then what the costs might be and whether the program would be of significant benefit to you.