EPIC OBT Program

America’s buildings waste huge amounts of energy for no good reason. They are not more comfortable, safer or more durable—in most cases, just the opposite. The energy is simply squandered due to inefficient systems and antiquated construction practices.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of utility customers have been unable to take advantage of these programs. What makes it worse is they are generally the ones squandering the most energy and are least able to afford it.

Sustainable Environments Inc. has developed an energy efficiency program called the EPIC OBT Program (Efficiency Paid Improvement Costs On Bill Tariff) to serve these customers.

The EPIC OBT Program makes it possible to pay for energy efficiency upgrades to existing buildings without burdening utility customers with additional costs. In the EPIC OBT Program the resulting energy savings are guaranteed to cover the cost of monthly improvement payments. Utility customers end up paying the same monthly payment or less than they would have if no improvements were ever made.

The EPIC OBT Program:

  • Is a tariff, not a loan program.
  • Is sponsored and managed by cities or utilities.
  • Covers electric, gas and water utilities.
  • Is directed at multifamily, municipal, and small commercial customers as well as single-family residences.
  • Serves low-income customers as well as those with stronger financial statements.
  • Asks no subsidies from taxpayers or utility customers.
  • Is cash neutral if not profitable to all participants, customers and implementers alike.
  • Provides a complete and realistic business start-up model.
  • Accurately models consumption and improvements with certified auditors and computer modeling software.
  • Assures satisfied customers with Quality Control inspections.

The EPIC OBT Program is packaged and standardized for easy training and predictable results.  Download EPIC OBT Prospectus for Utilities or EPIC OBT Prospectus for Cities for more on why our program surpasses all other on-bill financing options available. Then call us and let us know how we can help your community or utility tap into this remarkable efficiency improvement program.